I'm Excited about Life! Thankful Thursday!!

Happy Thankful Thursday!
I hope you are smiling because today is a great day! One we have been blessed to see!

What am I Thankful for today??

1. My wonderful God!
2. My two cute little babies who are developing well and getting into everything! Lol.
3. Dark Chocolate....yum!
4. IBC rootbeer!
5. My new blog followers! And old ones too! Muah!
6. Being on Essence! WOW!!! Blog post about it here.
7. My wonderful friends!
8. My sis who told me to let a man be a man and do things for me. Lol! 
9. The Nzuri Natural Hair Health and Beauty Showcase this weekend! 
My first BIG vending event! Read about it here.
10. Just glad to be alive! Thank you Lord for letting me see another beautiful day!

What are you Thankful for today??

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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