My Top 12 Favorite Christian Apparel Brands on Instagram

Blessings loves! Being a Christian jewelry designer, I love following and being inspired by other Christian apparel companies. I have been lucky to partner with a few and learn about so many other great companies creating for God on instagram!

I'll start with one of my favorites that I have also been following on Facebook for a while!

Faith Baby they have the CUUUUUTEST Christian apparel for children! Check them out!

Daughter of the King is a t-shirt company that focuses on spreading the gospel of Christ and reminding ladies to Always wear their invisible crown. This lady is really a sweetie and I love her shirts!  

Glory Clothing is a Lifestyle Brand With a Message For All. Love their apparel! 

Young, Fly, & Living 4 God

Tru Vine apparel

Faithful Chics are fashionably FLY shirts for women of God (men too)!

TT+TWINS a wonderful shop ministry with women and children's apparel! 

Unashamed Clothing Co.

Walking Witness their motto is be a walking billboard! Love it! 

Union28 Marriage Apparel offers a line of apparel for husbands & wives who want to honor each other in style.

Cross Training Couture - Modest, fashionable fit gear reflecting Christ! I love this apparel line; a great mix of faith and fitness!! 

JCLU Forever- A Jesus Christ inspired clothing brand created by girls who love Jesus for people who love Jesus. I have one of their shirts! Check out my post here.

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~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. i just bookmarked this page - some clothing links to check out :D

  2. going to have to check these accounts out

  3. Thanks for the links. I'll take a look.

  4. Thank you, for sharing the links above. I love the workout gear on Cross Training Couture.

  5. Thanks for sharing, I love checking out cute clothes.


  6. Thanks for sharing so many good resources for Christian apparel. I had no idea these companies existed.

  7. I love thids, what a great lust! I have never heard of any of these! Going to check them out now! Yeah! :-)

  8. Cool! I didn't know some of these existed and that there were so many of them!

  9. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing this list!

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