Here's a Shining Solution for Happy Health!

Blessings loves!

Today's post and all upcoming Friday posts will be done by the wonderful Casey Sollock! I took her 10 Day Eat Clean Challenge which I posted about here. She will be sharing tips for eating healthy eat week! I hope you enjoy her as much as I do! 

Did you know food and mood are connected? Are you ADDING IN lots of fresh, living foods that give you energy and uplift your mood? ADD IN a green smoothie. ADD IN some colorful, fresh veggies for an afternoon snack. You have the power to knock out a negative mood with yummy, fresh goodness! Cool, huh?!

Wondering how to make a green smoothie? I’ll show you! Click here for the video!

Casey Sollock is the founder of  She is a certified holistic health coach, wellness speaker, and passionate smoothie sipper.  Her philosophy is to add in the good stuff, which crowds out the bad.  She hates diets, calorie counting, and restriction.  She loves dark chocolate, leafy greens, essential oils, PLAYtime, and connecting mind/body/spirit for total wellness.  Casey shares the goodness of greens and the simplicity of smoothies with everyone she meets!  She invites you to join the FREE She Shines Membership.  Click HERE for details.