10 Day Eat Clean Challenge!

Blessings everyone! 

I recently signed up for a 10 Day Eat Clean Challenge with Casey Sollock!
It started this Monday and I have really enjoyed it! Each day she emails us healthy eating info, recipes, sites, and a scripture to keep up going. She has us laying off land meats (chicken, pork, beef, turkey), sugar, and dairy. We are eating seafood, lots of fruit, veggies, and whole grains because it it easier to digest. Let's not forget our smoothies everyday!! I have learned a lot about the alkaline balance in my body and what acidosis does to many of us because of poor eating!

What has helped a lot is she created a private Facebook group with 290+ members who are participating and it is really wonderful! It is great to see others struggles and triumphs during the challenge! It keeps us going and we know we aren't alone!

A quick shopping trip to Kroger on Wednesday!

My first Quinoa dish! 
This was my first time trying it and I must say it was delish! 
The babies ate it up and my hubby said it was interesting but good lol.

Quiona, green beans, chopped carrots, kale, chopped garlic, sliced red pepper, sliced green pepper, lime juice, olive oil, and Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning!

Fourth of July treat! The babies loved it!

My Friday smoothie yum!
Chocolate almond milk, celery, almond milk, walnuts, parsley, kale, half of a banana, flax seed, and 60% cacao chips.

My Sat. breakfast smoothie: 

Spinach, half an apple, tsp of peanut butter, flax seed, walnuts, honey, cinnamon, almond plus almond milk (has 5g protein).

This was my lunch...a yummy salad! 

Romaine lettuce, strawberries, apples, and almonds!

A snack for my cuties!

Only 3 more days to go!

To sign up for her next challenge, contact Casey at She Shines Wellness!

How are you eating healthy??

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. Beautiful Chari!
    I LOVE this post, especially because I totally relate! I have been doing this with you and all of the other women taking the challenge! It has been LIFE CHANGING for me! YOU are a light and a delight in the way you SHINE! I will be keeping this up for the rest of my journey for the rest of my life! Praising God for this! Oh, and I too LOVE my SMOOTHIES!
    Kathryn Bonner

  2. Just copied down some of your smoothie recipes. Love your healthy eating ideas, wish you had a blog just for that, could use the awesome ideas for my family. My kids love to eat healthy, but of course, they get bored and grab chips, cookies, etc. the way you have that popcorn mix above is a wonderful idea :)Thanks for sharing


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