4 Ways to Overcome Fear with Faith!

Blessings loves!

Have you ever felt fear of something so much so that it paralyzed you? Afraid of rejection, letting someone down, being alone...the list goes on. Did it stop you from stepping out in faith and instead you continued to live in fear? I know I have! 

These fears are a distraction and God doesn't want us living in fear. He calls us to walk by faith! Today I am sharing a few ways to overcome your fears by strengthening your faith. 

For we walk by faith, not by sight. -2 Corinthians 5:7

1. Pray
Pray and ask God to show you how to overcome your fears. When you feel afraid, talk to Him at that moment to help you conquer your fear. No excuses! Your constant communication with God will help tremendously! 

2. Study Scriptures
Read scriptures of people who have gone through things similar to what you are going through. Read inspirational scriptures that will reverse your mindset from one of fear to one of faith.

3. Faith Affirmations
Repeat positive affirmations through the day to combat your fears. Post them in you home, office, even in your car if need be!

4. Take Action
When you prayed in the first step to ask God to show you how to overcome your fears, get ready to work! You are going to have to change your mindset, change your actions, maybe even change your circle!

How are you overcoming fear with faith? Share with us below! 

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. I am stepping out with Faith!!!!!

  2. I am stepping out with Faith our Father GOD Almighty is always with me and helping me!!!!!


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