Why Women Rock!

Blessings loves!

Happy Women's History month! It is so important to celebrate the history of amazing women (including YOU!) and know that as women we are inspirational, empowering, strong, and blessed! Sometimes we forget our power but we come from Queens and are unstoppable when we put our mind to it! 

I was blessed to participate in International Women's Day LIVE on periscope created by Shade Y Adu. It was such a pleasure to share with my fellow ladies Why we ROCK!  

*We ROCK because we were created as more than conquerors! 
*We ROCK because these is nothing that we can't do because we are women. 
We can do them because we are women

Check out the ROCKIN video below!

Why do you ROCK?! Share with us!

If you know a woman who rocks or needs encouragement, share this post with them! 
They will thank you for it!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. lovely post. Have a great week.


  2. We rock because we were created to! Love it!

  3. Women are literally God's gift to men lol. And you are so cute!

    1. Lol! I must say I agree Jennifer. Thanks!

  4. I love your confidence and enthusiasm. Women do rock!

  5. Good to know why i rock....Let's keep rocking girl!

  6. Awesome! So encouraging!!! I love reading things like this in the morning. Yes, women rock!

  7. True! Women do rock! My wonderful wife reveals this to me each and every single day!

  8. Such a fun post!! love your personality and kind and uplifting words! Yay for being a woman ;) -xx Anna

  9. What a great encouragement and reminder today!


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