5 Money Saving Fashion Tips!

For a while I have been watching thrifting fashionistas do video hauls showing how they have saved money on clothing by thrift shopping! Getting clothes for low prices! Being a mom, I am always looking for a good deal whether it is thrifting or getting deals on clearance lol! We moms need to save where we can! A few weeks ago I bought four pair of jeans, 3 pair of shorts, and 1 skirt for my daughter for $2.00 at a garage sale! I was like thank ya Jesus! lol

Since I make inspirational jewelry, I am always on the look out for faith based fashion and I love butterflies because they are beautiful and remind me of Romans 12:2. When I was leaving Target a few days ago, I saw that Dotz was having a store closing sale. When I went in it was the last day so of course they didn't have much left. Then I saw these butterfly heels...OMGoodness! I had to get them!

Here are 5 ways to save when shopping for fashion!

1. Shop at your neighborhood garage sales! Many neighborhoods have seasonal garage sales or moving sales! 

2. Sign up for newsletters to receive coupons and deals from your favorite stores! Many times if the store is having a sale, you can use your coupon too! Double savings! Some stores even have text alerts!

3. Shop at local resale shops in your area. Check out their deals as well! Savings on top of savings!

4. Be on the lookout for store closing sales, local and online! These are the best!

5. Google coupons before you make an online purchase. Retail Me Not and Groupon are some great sites to check out!

For more fashion ideas follow my pinterest board HERE.

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. Those shoes are amazing! Since you love butterflies and Romans 12:2, here is a link to a dance my husband and I choreographed and danced called "Transformed," in which a caterpillar becomes a butterfly as a metaphor for being born again:
    Thank you for the great ideas (I love thrift shopping too) and for your lovely comment on Saved by Grace!
    God bless,

  2. Oh, I'd be all over those too! They're fun and unique, and since they were on clearance, that sounds like a huge win to me! - Jerusha, TheDisneyChef.com

  3. Thrift stores can be such a good place to find deals, but they are hard to navigate sometimes. You really have to be committed and I'm just not a shopper. I tend to gravitate to Kohl's twice a year when they are having a huge sale and I have a 30% off coupon. Last time I saved $120 and spent $30! Then I used my Kohl's cash to order some clearance items online, pretty much for free.

  4. I love sales at the end of the season! These are some great tips on how to save money when buying clothing!

  5. Lucky - those shoes are so cute. I can't wear heels like that anymore.

  6. I love clearance areas!! and I'm thankful that My daughter does too. Her items never look like they are from a thrift store or clearance. She finds the best deal!

  7. Those are cute, but oh so much too high for me! I'd kill myself chasing my children in them! Still what a great buy!

  8. Chari, I love those tips. I have really slacked on my personal style lately. I needed a little boost.

  9. Love those shoes but I'd kill myself in them. I can't wear heels like that anymore. Great tips on getting deals. I'm a huge fan of yard/garage sales.

  10. Those are cute shoes! I wish I could wear heels but I would probably fall flat on my face. As to the shopping tips- I honestly love thrift store shopping! You can find some cute clothes for amazing prices!

  11. Closing sales are THE BEST! Lol i love them, although they are bittersweet. I think most of the clothes i have are from those sales o.o

  12. SUPER cute - wow those shoes with the butterfly on the back!! Totally in love. And that you only got them for $5, lucky you :)

  13. Four pair of jeans, 3 pair of shorts, and 1 skirt for my daughter for $2.00? Wow! I am impressed... awesome haul!

  14. We love shopping at garage or yard sales. Groupon is also a really great site for trying out things and getting good deals.


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