Marriage Monday: The Importance of Supporting Your Spouse!

Blessings loves!

It is Marriage Monday over at the League again today and this week I am talking about supporting your spouse!

It has been on my mind and heart the importance of supporting your spouse. I own a business and am SO grateful for my husband's support! But everyone doesn't have that support in their marriage. Which makes me so sad. Maybe it is because they aren't bringing in enough money or their spouse doesn't think it is a 'real' job or career. If someone has been brave enough to step out and do what they love or do what they need to do to support their family (as long as it isn't illegal) we should support them!

Let's Get to it!

My series this week at the League of Xtraordinary Women:

Supporting Your Spouse: Learn from the First Lady
Don't Disrespect by Support Your Spouse
Support Your Spouse's New Year's Resolutions
Support Your Spouse Before It's Too Late!


~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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