Do You Wish You Were Rich?

I absolutely love this scripture! It is such a great reminder!

Have you ever found yourself wondering why someone else is getting blessed and you are not? They have a big house, nice car, and plenty of cash flow. Or maybe their business looks to be doing better than yours. Did this leave you frustrated with yourself or with God?

I recently saw someone post on facebook that it seems like those who are undeserving seem to be the ones living the 'good life'. I felt this way once and realized my focus was on the wrong thing: their life. Which in reality should not be my concern. My concern should be thanking God for what I do have and building His kingdom.

I realized that I don't know their story and what they may be dealing with from day to day. No I may not have all of the money they have, but I am blessed with a loving and supportive family and wonderful friends. I am not doing anything underhanded or illegal to earn money, I am earning it the good old hard way. God never said it would be easy right! Lol! 

How far are you willing to go to become 'rich'? Which is more important to you? Material things or peace of mind?

What does being 'rich' really mean to you?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. I don't think that I wish to be in the place of others. I think that I look at what I sacrifice and sometimes get frustrated that I don't see the benefits. For example: I just got off of a 21 day fast and all hell broke loose. Then I look at others who didn't even adhere to the fast and it looks as if they are getting blessed. I am only human so my feelings are natural but I realize that my blessings on come from my rejoicing for their blessings. In turn I start dealing with my heart. I stop operating in jealousy and envy. I operate in praise and happiness. That is when my blessings pour in. Thanks for this blog. Stay blessed.


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