DIY Inspirational Home Accents!

Blessings loves!

One great way to stay inspired is to have visual reminders around your home!
Here are a few goodies that I found to put around the house!

Got these at Hobby Lobby!
I use them on my jewelry table at events too! People always ask me where I bought them lol.

A quick DIY project!

I bought the leaf bowl and glass pebbles from Wal-Mart and the 
inspirational stones from Hobby Lobby!
My hubby loves it!

I didn't buy these but I love the plaques ect. with inspirational phrases and scriptures from Hobby Lobby!

I just got these beautiful prints from Latoya Monique Designs! Just need to find some frames!

Do you pick up any inspirational goodies to display in your home? 
Share with us!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. Hi Chari, it is definitely beneficial to include visual reminders and inspiration in our homes. Always helps to look up and have those reminders. Thanks so much for sharing my prints:)


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