8 Step Challenge to ROCK 2013!

Blessings loves! 

2013 is a New Year with New Challenges and New Miracles! 
I would like to Challenge you to join me in rocking 2013 with these 8 tips!

#1 Is BE THE CHANGE You Wish to See in the World
Don't talk about it, BE about it!

#2 is Let Go of all Things That Don't Bring You Closer to God

Those bad habits, bad thoughts, toxic 'friends'... Let it Go! You will thank yourself later!

Stop telling yourself and others why you can't do something and do it! 
No one said it would be easy and if it was, everybody would be doing it! 
No one is stopping you but you!

#4: Let God Order Your Steps and then MOVE YOUR FEET!

When you ask God to show you what to do, remember He helps those who help themselves! So let's get to moving!!

#5: KNOW YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL because you are! Enough Said! ♥

#6: What are your God given talents? Use them to serve Him and others!

#7: Pray, Pray, and Pray! 
Stop trying to figure things out on your own or change people! Talk to God about it! 
There is nothing new under the sun and He is there for you!

#8: Invest in YOU!! You Deserve it!!

Did you enjoy the eight 2013 Challenges I posted today? 
I hope you will join me in making them happen! 

Happy 2013 ya'll!

Will you join me in ROCKING 2013!?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. I did enjoy those challenges, thanks!

  2. I need 2 and 4. Thanks for the making me think. blessings and favor to you.

  3. These are great challenges! They point to a well balanced life for anyone who meets these challenges head on! I'm writing them down myself! Thanks so much for sharing your link with me to check it out. I added a link to your post from my word for my year post here: http://melannmorales.com/2013/01/2013-unstoppable/

  4. Awesome challenges! I'm gonna print them out and post them on my inspiration wall as reminders. Thanks for praying, listening, and moving your feet!!

  5. I'm in, and up for it! The first, the Gandhi quote - is one of my personal mottoes!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I'm in, and up for the challenges! The first one - the quote from Gandhi - is one of my personal mottoes! May I suggest one more challenge? Inspire those you love to accept the challenge, too. Kids, spouses, partners, friends ~ Imagine what the world would be like if more folks "rocked" this year!

  7. awesome! i love this! God bless!


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