What Does Life Purpose Mean to You?

I would like you to consider these questions about your life, "What are you on this earth to do? Who are you supposed to influence? What did God specifically design you to accomplish?" Let me kindly remind you that we have 24 hours in each day; and everyday is a continuous cycle of seconds, minutes, and hours ticking away. How many of these 1,440 minutes in one day are spent living out God's purpose for your life?

Are you included in one of the following categories? 

…Each day you spend in life does not bring you any closer to fulfilling your purpose than it did the day before

...You do know your life purpose, but can't seem to get to the place where you are actively living it out day by day. 

…You are in the middle of fulfilling your purpose in life, but distractions just keep pulling you back from getting to the next level within your passion-filled purpose.

I want to offer inspiration and encouragement for your soul. Remember the story of David in the Bible? For a minute, let's put ourselves in David's shoes. A prophet has just come and anointed you to be King(or Queen) of a nation. Imagine going to sleep that night with fanciful dreams and thoughts of the palace, fine dining, royal apparel, armies to command, power, riches, fame, and all the particulars that come with being of high royal status. Well, now imagine waking up the next morning and …nothing has changed! Not one thing! Your brothers still make fun of you. You still need to rise in the early hours of the morning to take care of all those sheep in the fields. Later in life, you even end up as a fugitive in a cave hiding with a group of vagabonds and stealing food to stay nourished. 

Does this life seem like royalty to you? Did God break his promise?
Here's the point. What was one of the purposes of David's life?…to be a King. Does God keep all his promises to us?…of course, he's God and cannot lie. Does God need to check with us before he makes his appointments for our lives?…absolutely not, because He's God.

What valuable truths can we learn from this Biblical history lesson? Apparently, David was not ready to be King at the time he was anointed. David still needed to learn many lessons in life before becoming King.  His character needed to be developed, his faith needed to be built, he had to kill a giant, and he needed an inner transformation before God was going to allow him to fulfill his royal purpose in this world.

Well, are you beginning to see how David's life might correlate with your current situation in life? Instead of being frustrated by not knowing your life's purpose, aim to find it. In the process of waiting, work on fine tuning areas in your life that need to be fixed. Avoid wasting precious time by scrambling frantically day-by-day. 

Get help or develop a plan to get things right in your life relating to family, finances, time management, life balance, spirituality, etc. When your life purpose comes a-knocking, be ready to answer the call and give it your all! Get your life together now. Experience your true makeover on the inside starting today. 

Tiffani Chaney
Christian Personal Development Specialist
"I'm a sit back and watch kinda gal"…so over the years I've done some intense soul-searching and also have examined, analyzed, and can pinpoint patterns of success or struggles in the lives of others. My personal observation combined with God's insight and wisdom makes for a fantastic formula to help people that are searching to find answers in life. Areas relating to spiritual growth, purpose, self-development, finances, family, relationships, life balance, and time management are my specialties. So when you're ready to rise to the challenge of your calling, my purpose in life is to help you along your journey. Join me at Makeover on the Inside and Me, Myself, and I the Christian Way


  1. Thank you for sharing this great post. I love learning from Biblical characters and you really brought out precious truths from the life of David.

    May God bless you as you abide in Him!


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