Weekend to Remember Marriage Getaway Review!

Blessings loves!! This blog is wayyyyyyy over due! lol
Last year my hubby and I attended A Weekend to Remember before we got married at the recommendation of a good friend. I am SO glad we did!  It is a Weekend Getaway for married and engaged couples to learn the true meaning of a Christian marriage! What an eye opener and we both had such a wonderful time! God blessed me with a husband who is open to marriage classes and our marriage is blessed because of it! 

Here are some pictures from our weekend! Enjoy! 
Look forward to more posts because we will be going again! 

They didn't have the room with 1 king bed we booked so they gave us a room 
with double beds and an EXCELLENT view!

Taking it all in. :)

Our workbooks filled with great exercies and quotes about marriage! 

My hubby is tired lol. I love him! God's perfect provision 
(a phrase I picked up from Weekend to Remember)! 

I love me! :)

Putting in work on his assignment! 

We loved the classes!! The speakers were knowledgeable, realistic, 
and relatable concerning marriage!

Being silly during our date night! A very important part of the getaway!

Our walk after dinner.

They had materials we could purchase to use after leaving the retreat.
We purchased these cups with tips on communicating with each other.

I bought this as a reminder of how to pray for my husband!

I recommend this getaway to EVERY couple I know! 

We have to work on our marriage just like our jobs and this is a great way or a yearly 
(or however often you choose) check up!

Fantastic Facts via Weekend to Remember:

96% of past guests agree Weekend to Remember had a positive impact on their marriage.

8 out of 10 "unhealthy" marriages moved to "healthy" marriages after attending one event.

Check them out & find a getaway near you at Weekend to Remember!

Use the code: CHAWK during checkout for $100 off your registration fee 
or visit this link: Weekend to Remember.

We are going back this year and I am SUPER excited!!! :)

Check out these videos about the conference!

Have you attended A Weekend to Remember? Please share with us!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed! 

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  1. That's awesome ChariT! Thanks for sharing your experience. You truly lead by example. Big hug to you.

  2. Hi ChariT! Stopping by from Women Living Well Wednesdays...following you now.

  3. Chari,
    Looks like you all had a great time. Good girl. Keep staying on the path the Lord has placed you on.


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