13 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self.

Blessings loves!

Last month my fellow NACWE sister, Lanel Taylor of Lanel Taylor Success Solutions, celebrated her 10 year business birthday and had an online birthday 'party'! It was so much fun! One of the exercises she had us do was to write down 10 things we would tell our younger selves. Man...I am so glad that I know better now than I did then! Lol. So I typed in my 10 and have added 3 more! Here they are!

1. Love yourself no matter what.

2. Don’t take the things your parents may do so personally. They are human just like you. (still working on this one lol)

3. God believes in you so you should too.

4. Your most important relationship is with God.

5. You are the only bible some will see.

6. All things are possible through God.

7. Don’t get student loans!!!! Find scholarships!

8. Research finances! You don’t know how to handle finances automatically, you must study and learn! (via Dave Ramsey)

9. Make time for yourself! You matter second under God!

10. Teach others to love themselves.

11. Let it Go.

12. Forgive.

13. It's Not All About You!

These are things I will be sure to teach my children in words and action!

What 10 things would you tell your younger self?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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