Black poet's night! Recycling Black Dollars!

Blessings loves! 

August 4th I had the pleasure to vend at Black Poet's Night hosted by Alikah Enterprises. The event was held at Natural Resources Salon to spread the word about Give Back, Buy Black! Give Back, Buy Black is a free website where black owned businesses can join for FREE and network with others and support other black businesses as well. We spend more for consumer products than any other racial group but our dollar circulates the least amount of times with our own. Other groups support each other and this affects the health of our communities. Now I am definitely not against supporting non-black companies, but I do see the failure to support our own AS WELL and we need to step it up! (Check out these videos: Black Business Ignorance and State of Black America.)

Ok, now that I am off of my soap box lol. The night was wonderful! Filled with local poets stepping up to the mic and spitting wonderful poetry! There were also several vendors there including myself. I hadn't been to Natural Resources before and loved the relaxing atmosphere and promotion of natural hair!

When you walk into Natural Resources there is this gorgeous afro painting! I love!!!

T. Alika, author of Chemical Suicide/CEO of Alikah Enterprises, speaking.

Tamika, owner of Natural Resources, bought a few pair of my earrings! Yippee!! :)
LOVE her hair!!!

Tamika and I rocking our Inspirational Creations! :)
(My Shirt is by B. Natural Apparel)

I even created some special earrings for the poets out there 
that were on sale that night!

Have you purchased from a Black owned business lately?

If not, find a few to support. There are so many of us out there!
Check some out at Give Back Buy BlackHouston Black Book, or find the local 
black directory for your community!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. Yes, we do need to “step up” as you put it. But “giving back” implies that one “has taken” something away. Either way, if you just want to do business w/other black-owned businesses, here is a more thorough, easy-to-use directory, including ChariT’s:

  2. I hate I missed it but I love the message and I try to support our community as much as possible. So happy to have you to help spread the message and the vision. Xtraordinary Women Rock!!!


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