So much Fun! NACWE Women's Virtual Conference Review!

Blessings everyone! I would like to share with you a wonderful women's conference I have just finished attending! It starts like this...

I have been watching Diane Cunningham and National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs for about a year on Facebook. I always thought about joining, but since I am a new business owner I am very careful about where I spend my money. Well, I saw Diane post about their virtual conference (April 25th-27th) and wondered if I should sign up. 

Then one day on facebook, I saw Jo Ann of Write Where it Hurts say she was enjoying the conference. (She turned out to be a speaker as well!) I was like OH NO! I had forgotten to sign up! So I said Lord I hope you want to me do this. I went to the NACWE site and registered for the conference and membership too! If that isn't a leap of faith for me! Lol. 

I missed the first two calls (but that's ok because they were recorded yay!) so I jumped into the 3rd call. As I began to listen, I thought BOY am I SO GLAD I signed up for this conference!! Such a knowledgeable mix of ladies and they are Christian! Yes!!! I have been praying for a Christian mentor and God placed NACWE right at my feet! A wonderful place to find one! 

During the conference, the ladies spoke on ways to build your email list, joint ventures, affiliate programs, social media and more! It was so great to hear these women of faith speak on God and His place in our businesses. Sometimes we only think of God when it comes to our personal lives, but He should be in our businesses as well! I will be praying more about who to hire, who to partner with ect! This conference really 'gave me permission' to think and ACT outside of the box concerning my business! Such a great conference for women entrepreneurs! I love the freebies and discounts we received from the speakers for being a part of the conference. Have to love that!!

Some of the conference speakers were Alyssa Avant of Allysa Avant & Company, Pam Perry of Ministry Marketing Solutions, Kelly of ibloom, Cindy Ruston of The Biz Mentor (love her!) and more! 

During the conference, they asked what we thought about it as a whole and this is what I had to say. I thought it was neat that they showed it to everyone during the conference lol! :-)

Guess what else I just found out!? You can get the full recorded conference for $47!! 
8.5 hours of training for only $47!! Now that's a deal! 
Get yours now at NACWE Virtual Conference! Tell them I sent you!

I am proud to say I am a member of National Association of Christian Women Entrepenuers! Check them out at NACWE!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. Sounds like a savvy and supportive community of Christian business women.

  2. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.Conference Gift Ideas


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