Yay to Valentine's Day!!

Happy Terrific Tuesday everyone!!

Guess what I found when I got home late from an event that didn't go too well....

As you can see on the tag, this is my 'Pre-B-day' gift lol. My hubby said he doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day. But WHATEVER!! Lol, I was happy! I told him I wanted Jill Scott's new cd because I haven't bought music in a while and wanted to start singing again and listening to good music! I heard  one of Adele's songs before but never saw her until the grammy's
Great voice! So we will see how the cd is! 
I think God is telling me it is time to start singing again!

Mannnn....I can't wait to make my dark chocolate covered strawberries...YUM!!

Here is a great song for you to jam to today. Reminds me of the great music days 
when I was a young one lol! Cuuuuuupid!!

Don't forget to join me for the Love Language Challenge!!
It starts today!!

May you always remember to show love to YOUrself and others not just today, 
but every day!

What did you get for Valentine's Day?
If you are single, what did you do for YOUrself today??

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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