Saying Goodbye Yet Still Grateful.

With a bit of a sad spirit, I write this post today. Heart broken but still grateful. My aunt died from a massive stroke this week and I will be taking a short trip to attend her funeral. There was hope that she would make it when she was in the hospital but the brain swelling and then no brain activity confirmed that she would not make it and if she did, she would be a vegetable. :(

For those who follow me on facebook, I often post information about different causes and of course, now stroke is now one dear to my heart. While researching, I realized that I need to change some of the things I eat and my lifestyle. No food or whatever is worth my life. The cause awareness month for stroke is in May and the ribbon color is red, purple for child stroke victims. You can view more information about strokes ect. here:

What am I thankful for today??

1. God who has blessed us all.
2. My family who has supported me at this time.
3. My loving husband who is here for me even though he isn't good with emotions lol.
4. When those who have said unnecessary things to me, the wisdom to go to God in prayer and not retaliate. After all, that's not what this is about. The devil is always busy.
5. The love I have for my aunt and family. We stick together like G-L-U-E!
6. The support of my twitter and facebook friends when I asked for prayer for myself and my family at this difficult time. THANKS SO MUCH!!
7. LIFE.
8. The ability to learn from others mistakes.
9. My sweet babies who made me laugh when I wanted to and was crying. :) They don't even know it, just being themselves lol.
10. Understanding. I appreciate those who understand my situation and rather than demanding things of me, reach out a hand to help.

What are you thankful for today?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. Beautiful Blog! Found your blog on CAST. Blessings, Julie (aka CollarTopia)

  2. I'm so sorry about your loss. I recently lost my aunt too and sometimes I feel like the grief will never end. But my family has gotten so close through our experience and the Lord has helped us so much :) I'm glad you have such a loving family to help you through this time.

  3. Hi love! So sorry for your loss. It's awesome, though, that you have been enlightened and are taking the time to change your own habits and lifestyle that could lead to stroke. I'm going to check out that information for myself.

    And you're so right about being able to pray instead of retaliate when faced with challenges from people. Amen!

  4. Sorry to hear about your Aunt.
    I'm grateful for my daughters. All the time, every day.
    : )

    Laura from EBT

  5. Hello, I'm sorry for your loss. I wish you a safe journey and look forward to keeping in touch with you via you blog.

  6. Beautiful post! Your "thankful" list is so complete and in the order I would place them too. I am most thankful for my Savior and the hand He has in my life.


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