My Handmade Bracelet has been Featured! Vote and Help Me Win!

Happy Motivational Monday!
Well I am VERY Motivated today!! Why you ask??

I have been blessed yet again yayyy! My Love Yourself Hot Pink Bracelet has 
been chosen as a GREAT FIND over at On Fire For Handmade!! Yay!! 

The theme for this week is SPRING FLING.

Please Vote for my bracelet and help me win FREE ad space!! (fingers crossed!) lol

**To vote visit GREAT FINDS and click chariT in the voting poll on the
lower left side of the page.

(You can vote once a day yay! )

Voting ends on Friday Jan. 27th!

Thanks so much for your support everyone!! :)

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. Great bracelet! Good luck, I hope you win!


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