Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life! Wisdom Wednesday!

Happy Wisdom Wednesday loves!

I was feeling a little stressed & down this past Sunday because my car wasn't working. So I couldn't attend church or go to this event where I planned to vend and fellowship
I prayed and asked God to help me not be over stressed. Just so happens I listened to Joel Osteen who preached about being grateful. Grateful for everything; the ability to hear, taste, feel the touch of our loved ones, and to see. After all, many are worse off than we are. He said: Complain and you will remain but pray and you will be raised! Love it!! This reminds me that I am doing well by doing my Thankful Thursday posts every week! :)

It really opened my eyes and heart and made me grateful! After all, everyday is NOT promised and I have a dear friend who just passed away so I am VERY grateful just for being here today! Stepping off of my soapbox now. Lol. 

Also, here are a few new necklaces I just posted on the site!

You can check them out at ChariT's Inspirational Creations!

Have a blessed Wednesday!!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!