My precious twin babies! Thankful Thursday!

Happy Thankful Thursday everyone!!

Hope you are having a great week filled with joy and many blessings! :)
I have been blessed and busy with custom orders

What am I thankful for today??

1. The Lord above!
2. My yummy dark chocolate chip, walnut, & wheat cookies! Yum! Tore those up & my hubby loves them! Plus they are healthy! Recipe coming soon...
3. The motivation to inspire others!
4. That my little momma is getting better!
5. My little man's excitement to run and hug me when mommy comes and sits on the floor with them.
6. They are starting to say more of their numbers when I say them throughout the day. Yay!
7. Little momma LOVES story time :) ...little man not so
8. They are developing more and more...which means getting into things more and more! Grrr! Lol.
9. When they try to kiss me...but it's just their mouth open and slobber on my cheek lol.
10. They are making me a better me! :)

What are you thankful for today??

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


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