Living is Learning! Thankful Thursday!!

Happy Thankful Thursday!!
I just know you are having a fantastic week because I am!
Getting my 'craft space' more in order and busy making breast cancer earrings 
to fulfill these orders! Lol!

What am I thankful for today?

1. A faithful and understanding God!
2. My guilty pleasure...homemade wheat/dark chocolate chip & walnut cookies....YUM!!!
(You know you want some! lol)
3. That I almost have 2,000 fans on my facebook fan page! Woo hoo! (Giveaway coming soon be on the lookout!!)
4. My candles! Mmmm! Those sweet smells often relax and calm my mood!
5. Great kids shows like Sid the Science Kid...I am still learning things from this show. Lol!
6. The excitement my little ones show when hubby comes home from work. It is TOO cute! lol!
7. The beautiful sunshine! Always lifts my mood!
8. Self discipline! We all need it!
9. That friends call me for advice because they say I am 'good' or 'nice' about certain things. lol! (All I can say is God is good!)
10. Wisdom and growth! (Thank you Lord for it and let's keep it movin! lol)

What are YOU Thankful for Today??

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!