Wash and Snip! Fro-Licious Friday!

Happy Fro-Licious Friday Loves!!
Hope you had a GREAT week!

Last weekend I washed my hair, twisted it, clipped my ends (long over due!) and went to sleep for the night! I didn't DC or ACV rinse and I could tell! My hair didn't feel the same. Boooooooo. Lol! Anyway, wanted to share a few pictures!

Don't laugh! Lol!

After I undid the twists:

A little more separating and the finished product! :)

How are you ROCKING your hair today??

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. Both are cute! Hair and earrings!

  2. Very cute!

    I stopped by your blog and really like it I am now following..




  3. Thanks Sharon and Alli!

    Thanks so much for joining us Dawn! :)

    ~Many blessings


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