Thankful Thursday The Devil Will Not Get Me!

Happy Thursday lovelies! I hope you are having a great week! I am on a mission to keep my mind on all things positive! I have been struggling with that the last few days...
so you know this post is right on time!

What am I thankful for today??

1. A loving and merciful God!
2. My cute little ones :) (They have such energy! lol)
3. Doctors and nurses (Have to keep the little ones healthy!)
4. Teachers (You guys ROCK!!)
5. Support groups (It is always good to know you aren't alone!)
6. An optimistic outlook (The devil has been trying to get me lately grrrr!)
7. Twitter parties! (Those things are so cool! lol)
8. Giveaways! (I love winning things! Who doesn't like free?)
9. Raspberry Tea! (Yuuuuummy!!!) 
10. The night sky (It is so calming and peaceful :))

What are you thankful for today?

A word from Ralph:

The effort of fulfillment

The rich abundance of life surrounds you. It is a magnificent blessing and a profound responsibility.
You have access to a continuing stream of value that is life and its countless possibilities. It is up to you to make meaningful use of that value.
No person, no possession, no position can give you fulfillment. That will come only from the way you choose to live.
Life owes you nothing because life already gives you everything. You, through your focus, your priorities and your efforts, are the only one who can transform that abundance into fulfillment.
To hope that someone will do it all for you is to deny yourself the true magnificence of being you. You are absolutely worth the effort of fulfillment, so find joy in making that effort.
The challenges are many, and yet the positive possibilities are endless. Make the commitment, make the effort, and live life at its highest, most fulfilling level.

— Ralph Marston

Read more:

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. Great post just what I needed to read today! TFS

  2. I recently heard a comment that made me give gratitude daily...What if you woke up tomorrow and the only things in your life where the things you gave thanks for yesterday...Wow...I love your jewelry...check out my blog and learn how to get more traffic to your blog.


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