Thankful Thursday!! You better Work!! Lol

Good morning beautiful people! It is so beautiful outside today! What a blessing! Before I start my list, I must say one thing I am grateful for is this short clip from Simple Truths that I came across a few minutes ago. It's about making your relationships in your life all they can be! Check it out here: The 100-0 Principle

What am I thankful for today?

1. A graceful and loving God
2. To be able to hear the sound of my little ones in the morning (sniff, sniff :))
3. My quest for knowledge
4. Motivation!
5. Social media experts on the net. (You learn so much by researching and reading!)
6. Sunshine (Sometimes I am feeling down and it really makes my day brighter :))
7. The simple things. (Sometimes they mean everything! :))
8. Patience (Oooo wee lol)
9. Forgiveness
10. Being brave enough to reach for my goals!

The lesson from the video and list that I have done is you have to work for what you want it life! It won't just come to you! I am thankful that I am aware of this and continue to exhibit it in my everyday life.

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. Thankful for the days like today when can just sit on the couch a recuperate!

  2. Thanks memories!

    Amen Plum! Very grateful for those type of days! Lol.

    ~Blessings ladies!


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