Media and Our Marriages: Media Monday Blog Hop

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I wanted to do a quick post about our marriages and media from a blog hop over at Women Living Well Called 5 Ways Media Could be Affecting Your Marriage. Love her blog!! :)

Courtney talked about how her hubby was addicted to electronics and it, of course, bothered her. Then, she herself become overly involved as well! I was like, man that reminds me of my hubby and I! Sometimes I try to be patient because that is his passion and his career but sometimes it drives me crazy! Lol. Well since I have started my business I have been on the computer more and more too! Figures huh??

One thing that has helped us it to set a certain time in the evening when all laptops ect. are turned off and we spend time with one another. We learned this from a premarital class we went to. Thank ya Jesus! lol

But we are a work in progress and always working towards harmony in our marriage. I just have to remember as much passion as I have towards making my business work I should have much more for making my marriage work!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. -Luke 12:34

How to you take time away from media for your marriage?

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  2. Well that is great advice, I hardly was on the computer till I got my etsy shop and I am on here a lot more...I try not to be on here in the evenings when my husband is home...but he is asleep now so this does not

  3. M DH grew up in the early 80's/90's, and is the "first generation" of people who are addicted to electronics. If it isn't the TV, its a video game, computer, or cell phone game. I always make sure to do my blog and computer work before he gets home, and while kids are sleeping, but it doesn't even cross his mind! It can be so frustrating!

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