Fro-Licious Friday! Thank God I'm Natural!

Hello beautiful and blessed friends! 

I haven't been posting much lately because I recently got married and have been spending much needed time with the family! But I had to sneak in my Fro-licious Friday post because you know I love these! ;) Lol!

As many of you know, I am in the process of learning to truly love my hair that God has blessed me with. After learning more about perms and deciding to go more toward only doing thing naturally I often had in my head....Thank God I'm Natural! So one day I was on twitter and came across a tweeter with just that name! I was like WHAT!!! What a coincidence! lol So I started following her and eventually ended us winning one of their totes through a twitter party!! Yay me!

This is a tote I carry baby stuff in (why not I have twins I need the extra bag lol) and my things in as well. Many times people will stop and say 'Thank God I'm Natural, I like that'. I can't help but smile and be grateful that yes I Am Natural!!   

ROCKIN my TGIN tote!

They also sell cute bling tees, regular tees, and the tote bag above in various colors!!

You can check their blog out at Thank God I'm Natural

and buy their items at Thank God I'm Natural Site

Twitter: @TGINatural

Thanks TGIN for reminding myself and others that it is a blessing to be natural and making cute shirts and totes to help us ROCK it!! :)

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. Love the bag! All natural is wonderful! I am following you from the hop. Congratulations on your babies - what a gift!


  2. Came by from the blog hop and now follow your blog thru GFC and Twitter. When I hit the FB button it said I was already following you. We must have been on a FB page only blog hop sometime in the past! Love the purple colors!! I would love a follow back on all three and you may already be following on FB like I was with you. Thanks and have a great weekend.



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