Fro-Licious Friday!

Hello all!

So I am trying to work on a blogging schedule. Haven't gotten everything together yet, but I know I want to do a Fro-licious friday post because my hair is so FRO-licious lol!

Anyway, earlier this week I did an olive oil, coconut oil, and honey deep conditioner (which my hair LOVED! YES!!) and then added some Nia's Serenity Hair Butter to my hair. I did about 10 twists, undid them and this is what we have:

Love it!!!

I also did my 1st natural hair video...Check it out and please share! Thanks!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. Really cool, love those braid styles. I have gotta get a braider who doesn't want to add hair!

  2. Awesome! Nia's Naturally Rich & Healthy Hair and Body Butter is the bomb! I use it too! And the Serenity scent is one of my favorites! ;-)

  3. As someone with completely flat and lifeless hair, I am totally jealous of anyone with gorgeous curls!! Looks fantastic xxxx

  4. Thanks Pat! You will find one momma!

    Thanks Kanita! I bet it is! lol ;)

    Aww thanks momma! (blushing) lol


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