It's That Time Again! Let's Get 100+ Votes!!

I would first like to say a B-I-G

to everyone who helped us get 100 votes last week (by voting and sharing with your friends) for our Be At Peace Bracelet on the Handmade Gift Guide's weekly voting post! I am so humbled and grateful!! :)

Well it is that time again!

This week I have entered our Peacock Hoop Earrings! #24

That's right #24
Let's see if we can beat 100 votes this time!! 
Those who own a business know what a blessing free advertising can be! Lol.

Click the link below and click the star about #24 to enter! That's It!

Please tweet, facebook, myspace, blog about...whatever so we can win a feature and free ad space!

** Voting ends 4/17 11:59pm! **

Thanks so much for your support!! 

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. I really like these. You are really creative!
    Thanks for stopping by my hop.


  2. Thanks Melissa! Thanks for having the hop! :)

    Have a blessed weekend!


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