Happy National Poetry Month!

So It's National Poetry Month! Yay!!!

I haven't written in a while...since before I had the babies...almost 2 years whew! Man I miss it...So we are supposed to write a poem every day of the month...I am gonna try but I can't guarantee! I have twins after all lol!

Let me see if I can write a haiku (poem written in 3, 5, 3 or 5,7,5) or two for you about community awareness...

Few police
A community scorned
What to do...


They want us to grow
Yet no help they provide us
Their chin is too high

Ok so there is two for you! Gotta go! Peace out!!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. didn't know it was national poetry month, thank for the inspirational will be writing some myself!


    Different sizes, shapes, and colors
    yet, we have some of the same problems.
    Male problems, children problems,
    mood swings, mental and physical problems,
    you name them, we have them.
    We comfort each other, we get on each other's nerves.
    Sistahs assisting Sistahs, who are like us?
    You give me your shoulder to cry on,
    I give you my helping hands.
    You give me advice and strength,
    I give you a listening ear.
    I give you my love and support,
    you give me your...

    © 2001 Eve Hall


    CONGRATS on the twins!


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