I Love Custom Orders! Yay!


I have been getting more and more custom requests and I am loving it! God really blesses me when it comes to creating something special just for a customer! I am so grateful for such creative blessings!

I just read a lovely post on etsy about custom orders Etsy's Guide to Custom Work! I will be implementing some of the advice given there! Check it out when you have a few minutes.

So yes, just in case you didn't know....Custom Orders are Welcome! Here are a few examples:

Custom feather earrings for Uniquely Created Etc. owner:

Custom earrings for Treasured Events owner!

Some goodies I just bought for a custom order for a mother and daughter bracelet order!
Can't wait to get started on these babies! :) Pix coming soon!!

Thanks so much everyone for allowing me to create something special for you! I love the challenges!

Any requests please email me at cicinspireme@gmail.com!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!