ChariT's Inspirational Creations for Valentine's Day and more!!

Hello loves!

How have you been? I have been busy creating and researching!

Creating more jewelry sets and beautiful necklaces in an array of colors! For spring and beyond!

Valentine's Day has inspired me to create more love inspired and pink and red jewelry!

For example:

If Red and Pink isn't for you...we have a few more to choose from! :)
I myself am a purple girl!! :)

And much more!!

 I am aiming to create an inspirational creation for all color lovers!

An inspirational word from Ralph Marston:

Now is new

Now is here, and now is not like any other time that has ever been. For right now, it doesn't matter who is to blame or what has held you back. This is when you can take positive action. This is when you can step away from the problem and into the solution.
You are now free of past assumptions and connected to limitless possibilities. You are newly arrived in this moment, ready to live with more richness and fulfillment than ever before.
If you could choose to experience some specific positive change in your life right now, what would it be? How would it look, what would it feel like and how would it sound?
If there were one small, easily accessible step that you could take right now to begin making that change happen, what would it be? And what would be a step you could take after that?
Imagine, more vividly than ever before, living true to your most treasured dreams and highest values. Now is new, now is here, and now is when you can.
-- Ralph Marston

Read more:

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


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