Host a Jewelry Party!

Support CIC and invite your friends to browse our inspirational jewelry and 
purchase at their leisure at a special discount
No cleaning up the house and buying refreshments just inspirational online shopping!

You will receive:
*A free inspirational piece of your choosing (sent via USPS upon completion of party)
*15% of the sales made towards a future inspirational creation!
*For every person that books a party you receive a $10 hostess credit!
*Blessings for paying it forward and inspiring your friends!

Here is how it works:
*   Email me at and we will set up your 7 day inspirational jewelry party.
* To receive Free jewelry, you must receive a minimum of 2 orders. 
* You will create an evite & Facebook event (or we can create one for you). We will send you a discount code and instructions. We will then use the code to identify your guests with your party.
* Your friends and family will browse and purchase their inspirational creations as they choose.We will send out reminders, promotions, and specials during your party week!
*  At the end of your party, we will add up purchases made, and you will be notified what your "hostess rewards" are towards your next purchase!

Promote as you please via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr ect.

The more you promote, the more people you inspire, the more possible purchases 
and discounts for you!

BOOK YOUR PARTY now by emailing us at with the subject: Book My Party Now!

I look forward to ‘partying’with you! 

Be inspired!