How to Overcome the Stronghold of Shame

Blessings loves!

Have you ever found yourself thinking about something in the past that you were not proud of doing? If people bring it up, do you start to feel shame and guilt? Wishing it had never happened? 

There was a time in my past when I wasn't proud of who I was. When people started to talk about college life I would sometimes feel shame. However, I am in a place in my life where I have embraced who I was, who I am now, and how my past shaped who I have become as a woman of God. You can too! Below are 6 ways to overcome the stronghold of shame! 

1. Acknowledge that the past cannot be changed

We sometimes relive the past in our minds over and over again. This is what creates the stronghold in our life. We think 'well only if I had...' or 'if I hadn't...' When in reality, we cannot change what we did. What we can do is learn from our mistakes and not choose the same path in the future.

2. Know that you are not your past

The mistakes that you made in your past are not who you are. Each day, moment, breath is a new chance to make a better you. Embrace this. Embrace that God is making a new thing in you each day if you will allow him to. 

3. Realize that shame is the devil's way of putting your purpose on pause

The devil loves to remind us of our sins in our past. This keeps us in the vicious cycle of living in shame and feeling guilty for the things that have happened.

4. Know that your sins are part of your testimony 

Your past sins made you who you are today. They strengthened you and molded you. They are now a part of your testimony that you can share to help others. Embrace them and use them for good.

5. Repent of your sins

Talk to God about your sins and turn away from them. This is important in stopping the cycle of backsliding and more repeat shame.

6. Forgive Yourself!

Stop beating yourself up and punishing yourself for your past sins. Living in unforgiveness is a form of bondage. It is time to set yourself free! God forgives you and that means you should too!

How are you forgiving yourself today?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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