3 Ways to Live by Faith During Trying Times

Blessings loves!

With the recent shootings in Minnesota, Baton Rouge, and Dallas Texas, have you found yourself getting caught up in all the news? I have and it really started to affect me in a negative way. I started to feel the spirit of fear and the spirit of anger. As a beautiful brown skinned woman, mom, and wife I have seen somethings that have really bothered me down to my core. So much hatred and denial of the real issues. I would say it is unreal but it is not and has been going on for years, decades even. 

I started to feel like my foundation was shaken until I reminded myself of who my foundation really is, GOD. I also reminded myself that God does not want me to get sucked up into the negativity of this all. So I began to look within and figure out what I need to do to get my spirit back to it's rightful state. 

1. Be SERIOUS about having a spirit of peace.

Stop watching, reading, listening to ANYTHING that is a threat to having a peaceful spirit. I am NOT saying ignore the issues or not to stay informed. But don't get engrossed in it. 

I found an app to delete my Facebook newsfeed because I kept reading the statuses and becoming more and more angry. So I decided for my peace of mind and spirit that I did not need to see my newsfeed. And I encourage you to do the same if need be.

If you need to fast from social media, stop watching the news all day, or stop talking to friends who are speaking negatively and get you angry about the situation over and over. Do that. You can check in once a day to stay informed, but don't let it suck you in.

2. Pray and ask God what is your purpose during this time.

As Christians we get criticized sometimes because people say when things like this happen all we do is pray and we don't do anything. Now as a Christian I know that one of the greatest things we can do is to pray but we should also take action. So pray and ask God how can you help others during these times of tragedy.

Even if you do not personally know what these people are going through ask God to soften your heart and to show you who you can help in this time of need.

Remember, faith without works is dead. -James 2:14-26

3. Pray for those who are committing the violence ect.

Our automatic response is to pray for the victims and their family, friends ect. Which we should do! We also need to pray for those who have hate and so much fear in their hearts. These people are raising children to think the same ect. We need to pray that God will open their eyes and soften there hearts. A lot of people hate because they don't understand or fear someone or something. So we really really need to be in prayer for them. That they will encounter someone or something that will change their mindset into a mindset of love.

How are you living my faith during these tragic times? Share with us!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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Chari Twitty-Hawkins loves inspiring women to live their purpose, embrace their identity in Christ, and rock their faith LIKE A BOSS! She is the CEO/Founder of ChariT’s Inspirational Creations faith based jewelry and accessories. She is also the author Living Your God Inspired Purpose. She is a praying mother and wife who resides in Houston, Texas. 


  1. awesome post


  2. Thank you for sharing these points!

  3. exactly. we need to get back to being a people of prayer.


  4. I love all 3 of these points. So thankful for you pointing it back to Christ!

  5. I love that you remind us to pray for those committing the violent acts. It's easier to judge others than to care for them and pray for a change in their hearts, but that is exactly what God calls us to do.

  6. As an European I don't get the black/white racism. In the states it seems like you have black communities, it is not allowed to have white communities here, that is called racism. I am sorry for what you are going through. We deal with Islam and Sharia law expanding in to Europe and terrorism that kills people every day.
    So I understand the information bombarding and propagand part. We deal with it all the time here.

    I still think the black/white racism is odd. I thought that it was over long time ago. It is sad that people want to kill for skin colour and religion. Its history repeating itself.
    Looking to Gods peace is the only answer. True

  7. Great points! I especially like number 3; too often, we want to throw stones at those committing the violence, instead of praying for both their repentance and justice to be done.


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