Easy Peasy Healthy Treat! Almond Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Blessings loves!

I love creating yummy treats for my little ones that are healthy! For today's recipe, I created a yogurt parfait and the kids LOVED it! I am lactose intolerant, so I used almond yogurt instead of diary yogurt and it tasted great! See how you can make your own!

*Almond yogurt (whichever flavor you like, I used vanilla)
*Granola (I get french vanilla granola in the bulk section at HEB)
*Fruit (I chose organic blueberries & strawberries because my children love them!)

First, put your yogurt in a bowl. 
Next, sprinkle the granola on top. 
Slice your strawberries and place them in the bowl and then the blueberries in the middle.
Easy right!?

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~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. So going to have to try this out one day.


  2. This sounds soooo delicious! I love parfaits, but I've never tried one with an almond yogurt before. What a great idea. I love how healthy it is too!!

  3. and i got strawberries - and blueberries, too - WOOT WOOT!! :D

  4. Now that IS easy! I love snacks like this and SO wish blueberries were even remotely affordable here in Costa Rica. Guess I'll sub in pineapple and mangoes.

  5. Yum. I love yogurt parfaits... they are so refreshing and filling and yet I feel a little better in that I'm healthier than I could have been... say if I'd picked up a hot fudge sundae...


  6. I've never heard of almond yogurt! Where do you find that?

  7. This looks so yummy and healthy! Will have to try it!

  8. I've never been able to stand the taste of yogurt. But this way? It sounds delicious--I'm a big fruit and granola fan. And if I still don't--no wasted food. My husband loves it. Eager to try it!

  9. Oooooh! This looks good! I make something like this for Hubby's lunch every day!


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