6 Ways to Make Yourself a Priority!

Blessings loves! As a wife, stay at home mom, and entrepreneur I know what it means to be busy! We too often spend time taking care of others but don't take care of ourselves! But we must remember...You can't fully take care of others if you don't take care of YOU! 

1. Realize that you matter, you are worthy, and you are a priority!

2. Know that it is ok to tell others no so that you can tell yourself yes

3. Write down all of the things you love to do! 

4. Write down things that you like to do to relax!  

5. Set a time each day or week to do something you love.

6. Set a time each day or week to do something that relaxes you. 

I have started posting on facebook about what I call 'Mommy Me Time'. It can be a stop at Subway by myself, watching a late night movie on Netflix, or reading a book. This is time for me and it doesn't have to be anything big but it is just time for me and it is needed!! 

Come on, you can do it and you deserve to be a priority in your life!

How do you make yourself a priority? Share with us!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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