10 Inspiring Scriptures About Love

February is my favorite month of the year because it is my birthday month and considered the month of love! When I think about love, I think about God! The bible has many inspiring scriptures about love to remind us of how we are to love ourselves and one another. Refer to these scriptures when you need a reminder of God's expectation of love! 

Isn't it great that God loves us and this love exceeds any and all of our sins?
We are to love others the same way as well!

Enough said! Amen!

If you delight in someone's downfall or hurts, that is not coming from a place of love.

Love with a sincere heart! Amen!

We all need someone to be patient, gentle, and love us at our worst.
We should do the same!

So much in this verse. Love is SO MUCH. Not simple at all. But it is...love.

Another deep one. One I am praying about and working on daily. 
That's why faith is so important!

Let us not just talk the talk of love but live a life full of love!

What is your favorite scripture about love?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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