7 Ways to Show Your Husband He is Appreciated

Often times in marriage we get complacent with the day to day grind or become frustrated with our spouses. We may begin to nag, speak negatively towards or about our spouses. As a woman I have learned that men need to feel appreciated and respected. Check out 7 ways to do just that!

1 .Tell Him You Love Him
We may assume that we love one another because we are married, but it doesn't hurt to hear it. In fact, it helps! I love it when my hubby tells me he loves me. It makes me feel all warm inside. lol.

2. Complement Him Once a Day
Whether it be a note, a text message, a call, or an uplifting word when he walks in the door complement him on something nice he has done.

3. Let Him Know You Support Him
This is so important and goes both ways. If the one person you should be able to count on doesn't support you, that can hurt more than anything. Be his #1 cheerleader!

4. Pray for Him
There is nothing like the power of prayer! Ask God to protect him, guide him, and be with him always! For a few ideas check out my review of Power of a Praying Wife.

5. Be intimate with Him
Hug him, kiss him, touch him tenderly. Yes, men like this too lol!

6. Speak highly of him in front of others.
This is a must and will feed his ego and be an extra bonus if he is there to hear it!

7. Go the extra mile.
Do something you would not normally do that he loves. Can't stand football? Attend a game with him or buy some gifts with his favorite team on it!

How do you show your husband he is appreciated?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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