Formula for Vibrant Health (and weight loss)!

Think back over the last 24 hours.  How much sleep did you get?  How much stress relief did you get?  How much did you move your body?  And, finally, how much fresh goodness (whole foods, leafy greens, veggies, fruit) did you nourish yourself with?  I really want you to give this some good thought, so I'll pause here and let you ponder.



Ok.  What's the verdict?  Good, or not so good?
See, I believe the formula for vibrant health (and, yes, even weight loss) is this (DAILY!):

Clean Eating + Adequate Sleep + Stress Reduction + Physical Activity = Happy Health
That's not so hard is it?  This simple formula will help bring your health back into balance, release excessive weight, lift brain fog, and make you a happier person all the way around!  Try it today.  Your life depends on it.

Casey Sollock is the founder of  She is a certified holistic health coach, wellness speaker, and passionate smoothie sipper.  Her philosophy is to add in the good stuff, which crowds out the bad.  She hates diets, calorie counting, and restriction.  She loves dark chocolate, leafy greens, essential oils, PLAYtime, and connecting mind/body/spirit for total wellness.  Casey shares the goodness of greens and the simplicity of smoothies with everyone she meets!  She invites you to join the FREE She Shines Membership.  Click HERE for details.