In Memory of the Angels of Sandy Hook Elementary Newton, CT

As a mother, the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting has touched me in such an extreme way. I cannot imagine the loss and am in constant prayer for everyone facing extreme violence around the world. I have felt so many emotions from sadness to anger to a sense of calm. I have such a greater appreciation for not just my children, but my husband also. This is a reminder that tomorrow is NOT promised. 

When things like this happen, I always research mass murderers. I never understood why until I was talking to my husband and I said I think researching them helps me understand why they do these things. Not that I will EVER condone what they have done but it gives me an understanding of how I need to pray for those who may be on the brink of committing such an act or may want to in the future.

On Monday I wore green and white in memory of those who died and to support those affected by the shooting.

After trying to figure out a special piece to make, God put it on my heart to create these beautiful handmade green and white earrings for those angels no longer with us. May these earrings bless you.

You can purchase your earrings and support Sandy Hook Elementary by visiting 

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. Beautiful.

    I know I have been impacted as well by this tragedy. When I am out and about I notice the little children. I notice their age and their size and that what those precious babies looked sad.

    Sin scars our world so deeply. God's love heals now and then forever more when we no longer have these things to deal with. What a day that will be!

  2. a heartfelt post....what most of us mothers are feeling....nice earrings!

  3. It was such a horrific event. I can't even begin to understand whey someone would do that. I this it has caused a lot of people to stop and re evaluate. The earrings are very pretty. Selling them as a fundraiser is a good idea.

  4. I can tell how close to your heart this post is. The loss of those little ones was so tragic:( What a wonderful and beautiful tribute in their honor!


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