The Day in a Life of an Instagramming Stay at Home Mom of Twins!

Blessings loves! 

I joined instagram not too long ago and I am starting to love it! I share photos of me rocking my natural hair, handmade jewelry photos, inspirational photos, and photos of my little ones! I wanted to share a few with you!

Since my mind is always on EVERYTHING I figured I needed a reminder of the things that twins need to be doing everyday so I made a quick to do list on the fridge!

This is my little momma with her infamous blanket on her head. If she doesn't have something on her head she with C-R-Y! I am trying to get her hair to grow and this is not helping lol!!

My cuties coloring papers...they love to color!!

Making yummy wheat pancakes! Recipe coming soon so stay tuned! ;)

You know what time it
I have been potty training them for a while. My daughter is doing pretty good.
My son is NOT interested AT ALL! 

Tony Horton's sticky bars for the little ones and my hubby!

Smoothie time!!!

Taking a moment to thank God while running errands lol.

My cuties hugging!

Just me on instagram by searching CICinspireme or Click here.!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us a peek into your life! Your kids are soooo cute! :)
    I'm on instagram,too (ImagesByCW) and I'll find you so you can follow back if you like to see nature shots ;)

  2. Your babies are adorable!!! Your pancakes look delicious. Can't wait to see the recipe.


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