Happy Teacher's Day!

Blessings loves!

Did you ever have one of those teachers who seemed to care about you more than they should have? A teacher who would go the extra mile as if you were their child? I did and she was such a blessing to me! I will always remember going through a tough life situation in college and my choir teacher snatching me into her office to see if I was OK. Lol! That meant so much to me when I thought no one cared.

Happy Teacher's Day to all of the wonderful teachers out there who are living their purpose and helping our children be all that they can be and reach beyond what they ever thought they could! Keep up the great work!! You are are appreciated and I admire you! 

As a mother of twins, I pray that my children will be blessed with teachers who have a passion, purpose, and gift for helping them reach their full potential and believe in themselves!

Who was your favorite teacher growing up?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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