Top 5 Reasons You Are Afraid to Succeed!

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I have been and am still sometimes a victim of being afraid of success. It can be scary! I often pray to God for strength, endurance, and to keep moving! Many people wonder how can someone be afraid of success?? Well, it happens every day and people live their whole lives that way. Think of those who may choose lives they do not particularity want but will settle for just to remain comfortable, pay the bills, or just be like everyone else. I encourage you to step out, be different, and do what it takes to succeed! Overcome those fears!!

Here are my Top 5 Reasons People Are Afraid to Succeed:

1. You think you don't deserve success.
Someone in your past may have made you feel unworthy and you continue to believe this. But God created us to live our best lives and He wants the best for us! Why shouldn't we??

2. So many other people are doing what they need just to get by...why shouldn't you?
Why?? God created us uniquely to search out our own paths! We must seek to go the road less traveled and do what it takes to succeed. Many people are not brave enough and we must show them with our lives that they can be!

3. You are afraid of making mistakes.
Everyone makes mistakes! This is the way we learn to do things the correct way and keep moving! I love this pic: 

4. You are afraid success will change you.
That is what you want! You want success to make you a smarter and more successful person! Therefore you will be able to help others and show them how to become successful as well! Don't you love when others who are where you want to be, help you out? I know I do! Let's Pay It Forward! 

5. You are afraid you will lose friends if you become successful.
You shouldn't lose what I call 'real' friends unless you shun them (Which we don't want to do!) or they become jealous. However, those friends who are really there for you will be happy for you and support your success! After all, they want the best for their pal!

What reasons are you afraid to succeed?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    Here's my response. It REALLY helped me to have a "real talk" with myself about somethings I've been dealing with.


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