NHH's Natural You Mixer July! I had a blast!

Blessings loves!

I had a great opportunity to vend at Naturally Happy Hair's Natural You Mixer on July 30th and I had a GREAT time!! We were back at The Ensemble Theatre here in Houston, TX! I didn't take any pictures but found a few that I jumped in and a few of my lovely customers/supporters!

Here is Felicia posing in front of Naturally Happy Hair's banner and ROCKING her 'Good Hair' hoops!

The hoops Felicia is rocking!

Another lovely customer, Tyrika of Mainelement: Love, and I!

These are the gorgeous custom earrings Tyrika is rocking!

I had such a great time and met some wonderful ladies and guys!

I also got these HOTTTT handmade crochet earrings from Dope Crochet!
Love her and my new purple earrings lol!

What meetups to you like to attend??

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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