3 Ways To Remind Yourself You are Beautiful!

Blessings everyone!

I would like to touch on a subject today that affects all of us. In one way or another we all want to feel beautiful. This is a habit that must be formed just like anything else. Sometimes we believe that if it isn't an automatic feeling or belief that it isn't true. But lifelong successes happen through practice! We may have been told in our early years that we are not pretty, handsome, attractive, or whatever. Who cares what they say because guess what??

That's right! God Made You Beautiful! Whether others chose to believe this about you is THEIR business and not your own! It is our business to believe and KNOW that God created us beautiful individually and to live His purpose. We should be seeking His acceptance and approval, not the world's. As mentioned before this may not be easy but takes some practice! Remember Phil. 4:13

Here are a few inspirational tips to remind yourself that you are beautiful!

1. Say it! Over and over again! As many times as you need to...i.e. your whole life! Replace one negative thought a day with the phrase 'You are Beautiful'. Seriously! I sometimes look in the mirror and say to myself, You are beautiful girl. Lol! I still don't fully believe it sometimes, but there are some days where I am like, I know that is right lol!!

2. Take good care of YOU! Eat healthy meals and exercise. I have found a new passion for finding healthy ways to eat and feed my little ones. I want to eat healthy before I am forced to! The exercise I love most is dance! I can put on some good music and just dance away! It is so fun and expressive! A great stress reliever too! When we treat ourselves good, we feel good! :)

3. Seek the beauty around you! I really love nature and water. SO Relaxing!! When I take the time to sit back and enjoy beautiful pictures of nature or spend time with my hubby near the water or at a nice park, it is so wonderful! I feel so connected to the earth and it's elements! In turn, I feel beautiful as well!

How do you remind yourself that you are beautiful everyday?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. Very inspiring. A friend of mine once wrote 1 Samuel 16:7 write there on her mirror, so whenever she looked at herself she was reminded..

    "Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart".

  2. So glad I read your post today Chari, it's very encouraging. Thanks for sharing with us :)

  3. What a wonderful and inspiring post! Perhaps we should all look at ourselves in a more positive light.

  4. Wonderful post, Chari! Thank you for the reminder! :)

  5. The good news can't be told too many times. Thank You

  6. Even more important as you grow older and beauty (on the outside, that is) fades!

  7. I remind myself how God sees me in Jesus His Son. That also inspires me to live in Him.
    I John 3:2-3

  8. Thx 4 ur lovely word of inspiration it's is gr8 food 4 ur mind an soul keep doing wat ur doing peace an love bless.


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