The Power of a Praying Wife Book Review

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A while back I posted about buying and reading The Power of a Praying Wife. I had heard so many good things about the praying series and wanted to give it a try. I must say, I LOVE this book! It is a must have for all wives, engaged women, and women thinking of ever getting married. 

Stormie speaks from a realistic point of view of a marriage that seemed near hopeless and she learned the power of prayer. I love that the foreword is written by her husband and in it he says, 'I cannot imagine what my life would be without her praying for me. It gives my comfort and security, and also fulfills the mission of the Lord for us to pray for each other and bear one other's burdens.' 

She explained that we often want our mates to change, but no amount of nagging, fussing, or whatever will make eternal change in a person. Only God can. That's why we must go to Him in prayer and wait for Him to move in HIS TIME. Now this is hard for us to accept as women, because we know what is best for our husbands. Right? Lol.

Stormie mentioned that while praying for your husband, God will ask you to make changes as well. If you aren't willing to make those changes, you can't expect your husband to do the same. I found myself making changes and praying more for myself and my resistance to my husband as a result of past hurts.

Each chapter explains a part of a man's life ( his work, his purpose, his integrity ect.). What thoughts he may be having as a husband and man and what we should be doing as their wives in prayer and in our actions. What I love is that at the end of each chapter there is a prayer that we can say for our husbands. I often said these same prayers for myself lol. 
An example is below:

After the prayers she would include power verses that I would use to meditate on concerning my husband and myself.

What people are saying about the book on my fan page:

One from the fellas:

I plan to read more of The Power of a Praying books! Have you read any?

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!

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  1. I found Power of a Praying Wife insightful and encouraging, Chari! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I read this book a few years ago. I wasn't married at the time when I read the book, however, the book was so inspiring. The wisdom I gained helped me prepare for marriage.

  3. Love Stormie Omartian! I haven't read this book but I've read others by her. Prayer in ALL things really does make a huge differnce in our daily lives:)

  4. Hello! I found you through the Etsy blogging team :) Just wanted to say that your book review was really interesting to read. It's not something I would normally pick out, so it is great to hear about something new to me. It seems so positive and inspirational! Thanks for posting it :)

  5. God bless you! I am so glad I discovered this blog... I am now following. I am also a firm believer, but unfortunately, my husband is separated from me and involved in a relationship with another woman. He says he will divorce me as soon as he is able. But I know that God is ABLE to do much more! So please pray for me that if it is God's will for my marriage to be healed, then it be so. God bless, and thank you again. You may also follow me if you'd like :)

  6. I haven't read this book but know that without prayer my marriage would not be the wonderful experience it is. Thanks for sharing - sounds like a great book!

  7. I have heard of this book but haven't picked it up but your review is definitely inspiring!

    Stopping by from #blogboost and planning to stop by more often!

  8. I absolutely love this book and her other books on praying woman and praying parent! It helped me tremendously to know how I can specifically pray for my husband. It is a must read for all married women!!

  9. I have this book but have not read it to date! I must put it on my next list of books to read. Thank you for an encouraging review. Makes me want to read it now :D

  10. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and for stopping by! I so love this book lol! Aloquin I am praying for you and your marriage.


  11. FANTASTIC review! I am buying not one book but at least two to bless another wife! Great Job Chari!

    Sherra B.

  12. A friend gave it to me for my bachelorette party/bridal shower. I loved every bit of it :)

  13. Thanks for letting us know what you thought of the book....prayer really is very powerful....and I loved how you noted that you don't always just pray for your hubby....but also be willing to change too! Thanks Chari!


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