So You Think Entering Giveaways is a Waste of Time?

Happy Wonderful Wednesday!!

Are you enjoying your new year?? I am!

I admit I wrote this post after reading one with the same title at Bam Crafty Mommas Blog! I thought is was so clever! She talked about how some people believe entering giveaways is a waste of time (I used to be guilty of this lol) But you can really win some cool things! After I got over my cynical nature and started entering giveaways, here are a few things I won!

And more!!

You can check out Bam Crafty Mommas post HERE

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. I use to be cynical about it too. I always host giveaways but I NEVER win...until yesterday! I found out I won the Sporty Afros giveaway and Ive been wanting to try their products. People need to realize that giveaways are suppose to be fun, even if YOU dont win, someone else DID. Be happy and rejoice for them!


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