I Love My (Natural) Hair!

Happy Fro-licious Friday everyone! I hope you had a great week and have an even better weekend!

I have been busy getting things together for this fashion show, I almost forgot to post! Smh lol.

I have started using castor oil on my hair and it is really helping! Just bought some aloe vera juice as well and will be using it soon!

I went to my first Nappy Love Houston meet up last weekend and had a great time! I met some wonderful ladies with BEAUTIFUL hair and look forward to attending future meetups! If you are in this area, check them out at Nappy Love Houston! Here I am taking a few pictures after I got home lol.

Today I met my hubby for lunch so I thought I would get 'cute'!
Here I am playing with my Evo and Rocking my Love My Hair Earrings! :)

How are you rocking your hair today??

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. LOVING your hair too Chari!!
    I must admit today I am "rocking" a messy bun... completely uninspired, but it's warm and that's all I could muster!! LOL
    Have a GREAT weekend!!

  2. Oh I think that the natural hair is just great, brings me back...I have long hair that I cut only 2 times a year, I like being more natural with my hair!!!

  3. Hi my name is Carmen, have a question
    would castor oil be to heavy to shampoo out

  4. Thanks Michele! As long as you made it happen! lol

    Amen Sweety!

    Hi Carmen, no ma'am it isn't too heavy to shampoo out!

    ~Take care ladies!


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