Fro-Licious Friday! Bantu Knot Out

Goooood morning lovelies!

I pray you are having a good week! Happy Fro-licious Friday to ya! This week I decided to try a bantu knot out per Naptural85. Love her videos! 

Anddddddddd here it is!

I didn't really like how it came out so much so I redid it the next night and it came out much better! But I didn't take a pic! Sorry guys! Lol.

I am really starting to getting into researching what natural products will moisturize my 4 a,b or c hair (or whatever this is! ) and what I need to do to maintain the healthiest hair possible!  I will post about this next Friday!

By the way, Curly Nikki is doing a 31 Days of Natural Beauty Giveaway! She is giving everyone the chance to win something for your beautiful natural hair everyday! Go check it out! 

What is your hair regimen? Please share!

~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


  1. CUTE!! I watched some of her video's, LOVE her hair! Going to have to send her channel to my BFF, she wears her hair natural and is always looking for new things to do! My mom is Welsh and has hair like yours, I SO wish she'd go natural and stop with the straightening perm thing!! Maybe if I show her some of these videos she'll see the light!!
    Thank you for sharing!!
    Have a GREAT weekend,

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  3. Lol! Thanks! I hope she stops that perm thing too lol. Too many chemicals!

    Have a great weekend Michele! ~Blessings!


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